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Summer Warmth Not Over for London

London's lengthy streak of temperatures averaging above normal finally came to an end on Tuesday, but that does not mean that summer warmth is over for 2013.

With a high of 21.5 degrees C (71 degrees F) and a low of 10 degrees C (51 degrees F), temperatures averaged 1.3 degrees C (2 degrees F) below normal on Tuesday.

That makes Tuesday London's first below-normal day since July 2, when temperatures averaged 1.9 degrees C (3 degrees F) below normal.

Between Tuesday and July 2, temperatures averaged as much as 8.1 degrees C (15 degrees F) above normal on both July 22 and Aug. 1. The latter date holds the distinction of London's hottest day of the year with a high of 34.1 degrees C (93 degrees F).

Tuesday's cool weather however, is not a sign that summer is over for London.

Temperatures will remain closer to normal through the remainder of this week and early next week before a warm surge likely follows for next Wednesday through Friday.

"Temperatures could spike to 30 or 31 degrees C (the upper 80s F) on the hottest day during that stretch," stated Expert Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls.