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AccuWeather Live: Join Us to Discuss Fall Hurricane Impacts, Peak Allergy Season

This Thursday at 4p.m. on AccuWeather Live, we will cover hurricane updates, hurricane impacts on animals and announce the fall 2013 allergy forecast.

Meteorologist Valerie Smock will first answer questions from AccuWeather FaceBook fans and talk about a viral video.

With severe weather flaring up, Meterologist Andrew Baglini will give the rundown on the latest severe weather updates.

With hurricane season quickly approaching, Violeta Yas will discuss how hurricanes impact animals including marine life, reptiles and migratory birds.

Meteorologist Adrienne Green will give updates on hurricane activity.

Evan Myers and Bernie Ryano will weigh in with 'By The Numbers,' a look at the record-breaking temperatures in the West and rainfall totals in the East. They will also answer more viewer questions.

To wrap things up, Jim Dickey will talk with two allergy doctors about this fall's allergy season. They will give advice on strategies to control fall allergies, discuss what regions of the country will bear the brunt of fall allergy season and talk about the most common allergies, as well as the different kinds of allergies across the United States.

If you have questions about hurricane impacts or the fall allergy season, send them to us on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+.