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Watching for Another Western Pacific Storm

As Typhoon Utor moves toward southeastern China, another threat could be brewing for areas farther north.

The concern for possible tropical development includes areas from Taiwan northward through the Ryukyu Islands of Japan and just off the eastern coast of China.

A trough of low pressure left in the wake of Utor could interact with very favorable conditions for development near and to the north of Taiwan.

If this occurs, a storm could spin up over the very warm waters of the region. Aided by low wind shear and the moist tropical air to the south any storm that would develop has the potential to quickly intensify.

Areas from Taiwan to Japan, South Korea and eastern China should monitor this situation closely as any developing tropical system could have potential impacts on these regions.

A weak steering flow in this region would cause any developing storm to spin over similar areas for a long duration leading to the threat for life-threatening flooding and mudslides, while a strong tropical system could produce widespread damaging winds.