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Rain and Storms to Break Eastern European Heat

Hot air will keep its grip over Eastern Europe for one more day, before relief finally comes in the from of rain for the weekend.

Maximum temperatures will be as much as 20 degrees above average across the countries of Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, eastern Poland and western parts of Ukraine and Romania.

Temperatures will soar into the lower 100s F (38-39 C) in major cities, including Budapest, Hungary, and Belgrade, Serbia.

Most areas will just see this as another day in a string of serious heat.

Early in the week, there was a significant rise in temperatures over the Balkans, Hungary and Romania as temperatures reached into the 90s F (33-37 C) and even into the lower 100s F (38-39 C) in a few spots.

But Friday afternoon, showers and storms were pushing through the Czech Republic, eastern Germany and Austria.

Munich, Germany, was sizzling on Tuesday with highs in the 90s F (33-37 C). However, storms moving through the area late in the day brought temperatures down more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit. On Friday, rain spread over the area and the high was only in the upper 60s F (18-20 C), just below average.

Rain and thunderstorms will continue to push eastward, making this heat a thing of the past for the weekend. Across Hungary and Serbia, the additional cloud cover well help to bring temperatures down 10 degrees F on Saturday, with rain bringing temperatures even closer to normal by the Sunday.

However, the moist system moving in will bring the potential for localized downpours after all of the dry weather that has accompanied the hot dome that has been over eastern Europe for the past week.

The dry ground will be less susceptible to receiving rain at a quick rate, leading to the risk of flooding with heavier rain bands.