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Flash Flood Emergency, Evacuations Ongoing Across Missouri

After heavy rain hovered over parts of Missouri early Tuesday morning, flash flooding became an emergency situation across multiple counties.

The National Weather Service Springfield issued a flash flood emergency for Pulaski County and northwestern Texas County through 10:00 a.m. CDT, calling the flooding 'very serious.'

In the town of Waynesville, approximately 20 homes were flooded and being evacuated in the downtown area along Roubidoux Creek and Old Historic Route 66 around 5 a.m. CDT according to the emergency manager.

Water rescues were underway in the area around 5 a.m. CDT. A rescue boat containing several rescue personnel capsized, dumping the crew into swift-moving water, the local fire department reported. The water also stranded two sheriff deputies near Highway 7 and the Gasconade River.

The highway was closed in Pulaski County due to high water in the early morning hours, the Department of Highways reports. Numerous other roadways were closed including Route H in Camden County, Route 22 and Route F in Texas County, Routes C and K in Miller County and Route U in Pulaski.

In Dent County, Montauk State Park was being evacuated around 5:15 a.m. CDT due to high water.

Strong storms continue to move over the state, unleashing powerful downpours. Fort Leonard Wood, just south of Waynesville, has recorded 5.33 inches of rain since midnight. Storms will continue into the afternoon hours.