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Another Sizzling Week For parts of Europe

The hot air remains in place over much of central and eastern Europe, and it looks to stay in place for much of the week, leading to some of the hottest weather of the year.

A sizzling week is set to continue from Italy, eastward into Greece, and north into Ukraine and even into Finland.

Sunday was a continuation of the heat as some parts of Europe climbed to over 100 F (38 C) degrees. Sandanski, Bulgaria, which normally sees high temperatures around 90 F (32 C) degrees, the high climbed to 101 F (38 C) degrees on Sunday, and this warmth is looking to continue through much of the week.

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Helsinki, Finland, also saw plenty of heat too. The high climbed to 81 F (27 C) degrees in the city, where the normal high is only 69 F (21 C) degrees. This is right about the same temperature that New York City, NY saw on Sunday, but it's about 1,300 miles further north.

The heat has lessened over western Europe, thankfully, as the highs this past week climbed well above normal with the strong southerly flow around. This week, temperatures for western Europe look to be right around normal.

The heat will continue through the week as the strong high pressure remains over eastern Europe. In fact, it may take until the weekend for any cooler air to start to push into Bulgaria, Greece and even southern Italy.

This kind of heat is not uncommon, but for such a long heat wave to develop, that makes it very uncommon. And in much of Europe, air conditioning is much less common and can lead to health problems, especially with the warm temperatures at night not allowing homes to cool down.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert