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AccuWeather LIVE: What’s Impeding Hurricane Season?

Join us every Thursday at 4 p.m. EDT for our interactive program called AccuWeather LIVE. This week, find out what you need to know as we move further into hurricane season and what's inhibiting developments in the tropics.

To kick things off, Mark Mancuso will show the massive Saharan air layer traveling over the Atlantic Ocean. The stunning video illustrates the phenomenon more commonly known as the Saharan dust, the layer of tiny aerosols like sand, dirt and dust that occasionally push from east to west across the tropical Atlantic Ocean during hurricane season. What does this occurrence mean for hurricane season? Violeta Yas will have the details.

Justin Povick will be presenting the live forecast for the weekend, followed by an update by Adrienne Green on potential tropical developments to watch out for.

Can't get enough of Shark Week? Jim Dickey is checking in with Greg Skomal, a shark specialist from the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries, about the increase in seal population in New England and what that means for the sharks in the area.

With sharks on everyone's minds, has there been an increase in shark attacks or just their media attention? Andrew Baglini will discuss the shark attacks this year and whether it's more than normal.

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