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Severe Storm Threat From Denver to Wichita

Thunderstorms will percolate again later on Saturday across the central Plains, and some areas will again be impacted by severe weather.

The threat area is in the wake of powerful storms that rolled through parts of Kansas and Missouri on Friday night with gusty winds and very heavy rain.

Saturday, however, areas farther west, including Denver, are in a zone that will be favorable for intense thunderstorms.

There will likely be multiple clusters of thunderstorms that initiate during the latter part of the afternoon. The most intense storms will be capable of bringing damaging winds that can bring down trees and power lines causing power outages.

On Saturday night, an organized complex of thunderstorms will trek across Kansas and into extreme western Missouri. Damaging winds, downpours and flooding will become the main concerns into early Sunday.

In addition to Denver and surrounding suburbs, the Wichita, Kan., area will also be at risk for adverse weather.

The ground is fairly moist across central and eastern Kansas, where up to 4 to 8 inches of rain has fallen in the past week.

Intense downpours with these storms will create the threat for flash flooding in low-lying and poor drainage areas and runoff will cause streams and rivers to rise.

Travelers along Interstates 70 and 35 may come across reduced visibility in downpours and ponding of water with the risk for hydroplaning.

Never drive across flooded roadways, as only about a foot of water can cause your vehicle to lose traction and be swept downstream.

The rain will certainly be welcome for some, as extreme drought conditions continue to grip eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

Story by Meteorologist Mike Doll