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More Chill Aiming From Minneapolis to Chicago, Detroit

While no heat waves are heading to the northern Plains and Midwest any time soon, another taste of autumn is in the offing for later next week.

The weather pattern will favor air coming from Canada much of the time.

Another push of unseasonably cool air appears to be aiming from Fargo, N.D., and Minneapolis to Des Moines, Omaha, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and Cincinnati spanning next Wednesday, Aug. 7, to Sunday, Aug. 11.

If the cool air occurs with cloud cover and frequent showers during the daytime hours, highs could be 20 to 30 degrees below average in some areas, which would translate to temperatures no better than the 60s and possibly the 50s in some northern locations. However, any sunshine at all this time of the year can still drive temperatures into the lower 70s.

Nighttime lows could be in the 40s and upper 30s in some northern areas, under perfect conditions, if the sky becomes clear and winds diminish.

Odds are greatly against a frost in the northern tier late next week, climatologically speaking.

According to Agricultural Weather Expert Dale Mohler, "Many crops in the North Central U.S. are running well behind last year's pace and the cool weather from late July and forecast for much of August will continue that pace."

Mohler and other meteorologists in's long-range team are concerned about the potential for damaging frosts in part of the region during September. will discuss concerns about early-season frost and a look at the early part of the winter in a public release during the middle of August.

Cool weather during the last week of July greatly erased warm temperature anomalies for the month as a whole from the northern Plains to the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley.

The recent cool weather more than matched the heat in most of the region compared to temperature departures from normal on the negative side verses the positive side during the middle of the month.

As of July 30, temperatures for the warmest month of the year are averaging about 1.5 degrees above normal at Minneapolis, less than a degree above average at Detroit, about 0.5 of a degree below average at Chicago and a degree below average at Cincinnati.