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China Heat Wave on Track to Shatter More Records

At least two people have died in Shanghai as vast swathes of China swelters in a stubborn mid-summer heat wave.

A "level two" heat wave response for much of east China was triggered for the first time on Tuesday, the Xinhuanet website said.

Along with the two heat stroke victims, thousands of people sought help in Shanghai area hospitals.

Tuesday marked the seventh straight day of 38-degree-C heat (at least 100 degrees F), the highest number since weather records began in 1873.

It was also the 23rd day in July reaching at least 35 degrees C (95 degrees F), a feat last matched in 1934, Xinhuanet said.

As of Monday, the average temperature to date in Shanghai was 32.0 degrees C (89.7 degrees F), or 4.1 degrees C (7.4 degrees F) above normal, according to weather data accessed by

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no heat relief in sight as of Tuesday, with severe heat poised to grip Shanghai and a wide area of east China well into the first half of August, forecast tools available to show.

Through at least Monday, daily temperatures will reach 38 to 41 degrees C (about 100 to 106 degrees F) in Shanghai and other areas.

Persistent subtropical high pressure over east China has shifted summer rains northward, leaving Shanghai and much of east China baking hot. What is more, aside from Typhoon Soulik, which landed with heavy rain early in July, the region has been without tropical storms this month.