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Heat Relief Won't Last for London, Paris, Berlin

The recent break from the heat across western and central Europe is not here to stay with temperatures set to soar once again for the start of August.

A dome of heat will gradually expand to the north and east as this week progresses, replacing the recent return of more seasonable temperatures for many.

Temperatures will climb through the 30s C (90s F) in Madrid Tuesday and Wednesday before cracking the 32-degree C (90-degree F) mark in Paris on Thursday and Berlin and Vienna on Friday.

London will fall short of that mark but will still climb to 31 degrees C (87 degrees F) on Thursday.

Prior to the heat surge, London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna will record highs in the lower 20s C (lower 70s F) on Tuesday. Such highs are more common for late July.

Rain will also help keep Tuesday's warmth in check in each of these cities. The rain will be steadiest in London with only a passing shower in store for Vienna.

The good news for those across northern Europe, including in London and Paris, is that the impending heat should not last through the weekend.