Flooding Rain Briefly Closes Kansas Turnpike, Missouri Next

As much as 5 inches of rain fell in a short period of time on Monday evening across southeastern Kansas, leading to the closure of many roadways and making travel extremely dangerous for much of the night.

The rain was so heavy that the Kansas Turnpike had to be shut down from El Dorado to Emporia. Authorities reported that water was ponding over large sections of the roadway, and in some places it was deep enough to make it impassible for vehicles.

The turnpike was reopened after the rainfall ended and the water subsided.

The storm system responsible for Monday's flooding rain in Kansas will shift eastward to Missouri and northern Arkansas on Tuesday.

Some cities and towns most at risk for flooding on Tuesday include Springfield, Salem, West Plains and Poplar Bluff in Missouri, and Fayetteville, Mountain Home, Jonesboro and Batesville in Arkansas.

Those traveling on Interstates 44, 40, 60 and 65, to name a few, will need to pay particular attention to rainfall. At the very least, blinding downpours can cause dangerous restrictions in visibility. Couple this with a high risk for hydroplaning and it is easy to see how heavy rain can lead to accidents.

Never drive your vehicle around barricades or into flooded roadways. The water can be much deeper than you think, and it only takes 18 inches of rushing water to sweep a vehicle away.

A few thunderstorms will be embedded across the region, and a few places may have gusty winds over 40 or 50 mph, vivid lightning and some hail as large as pennies or even quarters.