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AccuWeather LIVE: Hurricane Season Ramps Up

On the latest edition of AccuWeather LIVE, our experts will be on air to provide important information about the upcoming rise of hurricane season.

Though hurricane season officially begins in June, it does not typically pick up until August. In fact, some of the strongest hurricanes to hit the United States were August hurricanes, including Katrina, Andrew and Allen. meteorologists will discuss some of the historical August storms, as well as give the latest updates on any new tropical development with their live forecasts.

We will also share important information about how hurricanes affect travel plans. People who plan to take summer cruises should be sure to monitor their cruise line's website regularly for information regarding their trip. As a hurricane or tropical storm approaches, cruise lines may adjust the course of the trip, either replacing a destination with a different port of call or reversing the order of the itinerary to avoid coming to close to a tropical storm.

The show will also feature tips for home owners who live near vulnerable coastal areas, including tips for reenforcing buildings from potentially damaging winds and building codes.

We will also break down the Saffir-Simpson Scale to explain what the different categories of hurricanes mean for you and how they are assessed.

As always, our experts will be on air to answer your question and share your photos, so be sure to head over to our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page to tell us what you want to know.