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Unusually Cool Sunday in Chicago, Great Lakes

Unseasonably cool temperatures will grip the Great Lakes once again on Sunday with forecast highs more representative of autumn than late July. meteorologists are forecasting high temperatures to only reach the 60s once again today with some locations in northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan not getting out of the 50s.

On Saturday, several cities busted their records for the coolest high temperature on that date.

City, State Saturday's High Old Record, Year
Chicago, Ill. 65 degrees 69, 1981
Minneapolis, Minn. 64 degrees 65, 1991
Eau Claire, Wis. 60 degrees 65, 1981
Rochester, Minn. 61 degrees 64, 1981
Green Bay, Wis. 62 degrees 67, 1915, 1925 and 1928

In fact, it was warmer across interior Alaska on Saturday than it was in the Great Lakes. Fairbanks rose to 81 degrees, which for them is 10 degrees above normal.

The reason for this bout of unseasonably cool weather is an area of low pressure spinning over the region.

It is helping to draw down cooler air from Canada and is also aiding the production of clouds and showers.

In addition, it will be rough going for those looking to get out on the water on Sunday. Dangerous currents will make swimming quite hazardous on the Great Lakes.

The risk is small for waterspouts, but one or two are possible. Boaters may find waters a bit choppy.

Low pressure will exit the region on Monday and allow for sunshine and warmer temperatures. It will be quite comfortable on Monday and Tuesday with highs in the 70s to low 80s.

Story by Meteorologist Mike Doll