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Breaking: Tour Bus Caught in Flood Waters Near Las Vegas

Drenching showers and thunderstorms have once again ignited across the Great Basin and Four Corners region Sunday, leading to flash flooding incidents.

The heaviest downpours are turning normally dry washes and arroyos into raging waterways, as well as flooding some roads and causing mud and rock debris to litter other roads.

The flooding along once such wash created a dire situation 13 miles south of Lake Mead City, Ariz.

Law enforcement reports that a tour bus that became stuck on Pierce Ferry Road due to flooding was being pushed down a wash at 1:44 p.m. PDT Sunday.

Live updates on the flash flooding unfolding across the Southwest can be found below. Drier weather will return to Southern California, southern Nevada and Arizona on Monday.

Updates: (All times listed in PDT)

Sunday 2:07 p.m. EDT: Extreme rainfall on west side of the LV Valley. Beltway at Town Center gage received 0.55 of an inch in 5 minutes.

Sunday 2:10 p.m. EDT: A police scanner for Mohave County, Ariz., reports that a head count of 31 people were accounted for out of the 33 that were on the bus. Two reportedly walked away, police are trying to locate the them.