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Rough Weather for Great Lakes Watersports This Weekend

As cool air charges across the Great Lakes this weekend, storms and gusty winds will create rough and dangerous conditions on the water at times.

Bathers, boaters and fishing interests will want to keep an eye out for rapidly changing weather conditions on the waters and shoreline as a result.

An unusually vigorous storm and push of cool air for late July will invade the Midwest this weekend and will disturb the typically tranquil waters this time of the year.

Unseasonably cool air will spread from the Dakotas to the Great Lakes and eventually the Ohio Valley.

The leading edge of the cool air will kick off locally severe storms from northwest to southeast over the region through Saturday.

Locally gusty winds associated with the thunderstorms and cool air invasion will make for rough waters on the Great Lakes at times.

The weather pattern is favorable for producing waterspouts. Waterspouts occasionally move onshore.

Where winds are blowing onshore, waves can be especially rough and will raise the risk of rip currents.