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Downpours, Flash Flooding Risks in Oklahoma City

A flash flood warning has been issued for Oklahoma City as torrential downpours rapidly drop rain over the metropolitan area.

As much as 1 to 2 inches of rain has been reported by the National Weather Service.

According to Meteorologist Kristina Baker, this is the heaviest rain expected for the area today, though it will continue to fall at a moderate pace into the midmorning hours. Spotty showers will continue for the remainder of the day after the morning rush hours.

Watches and Warnings at the Severe Weather Center

Flooding is one of the most deadly aspects of summer weather. It is imperative that commuters not try to drive their cars through flooded roadways, as rushing water can quickly cause life-threatening conditions.

Radar has indicated that more than 2 inches of rain has fallen in the last three hours in Kingfisher County, which is northwest of Oklahoma City. In the pre-dawn hours of the day another system storm brought 3.14 inches of rain to Lawton, Okla., in three hours. Fort Sill, Okla., saw 4.4 inches in about four hours.

The system impacting Oklahoma City is currently moving to the southeast, but it will weaken as it travels.