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Strong Thunderstorms Paris to Berlin

Thunderstorms will threaten to unleash blinding downpours, severe winds and hail across a large swathe of Europe Saturday and Sunday.

Paris will be at risk of powerful thunderstorms on Saturday into Saturday night, as will a wide belt reaching from southwestern and central France north into Belgium and the Netherlands.

The worst of these storms will have potential to damage property.

London could also get thunder and lightning as rain breaks out over much of England Saturday and Saturday. However, severe storms are not expected.

The trigger for the thunderstorm outbreak will be a cold front from the Atlantic Ocean that will dislodge a mass of hot air originating in northwestern Africa.

Sunday, the threat area will shift eastward along with the cold front, spanning much of Germany into eastern France and Switzerland. Strong, gusty thunderstorms could reach Berlin by Sunday evening.

Serious heat will precede these thunderstorms with Sunday temperatures soaring as high as 38 or 39 degrees C (100-102 degrees F) in Berlin and nearby eastern Germany.

Welcome relief from the heat will follow the thunderstorm outbreak.