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Cool Winds, Big Waves Around Chicago Tuesday

Cool winds and big waves will make for an atypical July day from Chicago to northwestern Indiana.

During the middle of July, high temperatures tend to be well into the 80s with moderate humidity and barely a breeze in northern Illinois and Indiana.

However, temperatures are forecast to peak in the 70s Tuesday and drop into the 50s Tuesday night.

For some, this will be a refreshing change to the heat over the past week or so.

According to Meteorologist Mark Mancuso, "With north to northerly winds gusting to 30 mph along the lakefront, the waves produced can be rough for some bathers."

Waves are forecast to average 5 to 10 feet with the biggest waves along the southern end of the lake. However, a few waves can be higher.

"The increased wave action and onshore winds can translate to strong rip currents and also overwash on some beaches, bike paths and walkways," Mancuso added.

Winds will remain gusty into Wednesday morning, as will the waves.

Small craft should exercise caution over the open waters and along the southern end of Lake Michigan.

Another cool day is in store for Wednesday, but with diminishing wind, waves should become less forceful by the afternoon and evening.