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Unusual Chill for Once Sizzling Montreal, Bangor

After dealing with intense heat last week, an unusually cool Sunday night is shaping up for northern New England and the St. Lawrence Valley.

Temperatures Sunday night will drop into the 40s and lower 50s F (5 to 11 degrees C) throughout northern New England and the St. Lawrence Valley.

The coldest locations within the Adirondack, Green and White Mountains, which includes Saranac Lake, N.Y., will dip into the upper 30s F (around 3 degrees C).

Sunday night's lows are shaping up to be 10 degrees F (5 to 6 degrees C) below-normal.

In fact, the air will become so unusually cool that Quebec City, Canada and Caribou and Bangor, Maine, will challenge daily record lows.

Some residents may find it hard to believe that jackets or an extra blanket on the bed will be needed considering most communities enduring the chill Sunday night experienced at least one 90-degree day last week.