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Snow Continues In Odd Locations

Snow fell Saturday and Sunday across parts of both Australia and Argentina, and more is likely into the start of the week.

Snow in the Southern Hemisphere is not too uncommon, however, snow falling in some of the major cities or even close to these is not common.

Snow accumulated around Adelaide, Australia, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Adelaide is near a mountain range just a few miles east of downtown. The Adelaide Hills, which includes Mount Lofty, saw nearly an inch of snow, or 18 millimeters, in an occurrence which occurs once every few years. This is similar to parts of northern Mexico seeing snow.

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Though the snow is not expected for Adelaide itself, temperatures were chilly with the rainy and windy conditions around. The hills to the east may see more chance for snow in the next few days.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the hemisphere, snow fell over parts of Argentina, with heavy snow in some of the ski areas over southern Argentina. Though snow in Argentina is not too uncommon, snow over coastal portions of Argentina and Uruguay is quite rare.

Snow in Montevideo, Uruguay is something that occurs roughly every 5 years, which makes it similar to Charleston, South Carolina. Normal highs in Montevideo are 14C(58F) and lows are 6C(43F). But being so close to the water makes it very difficult for any snow to mix in as the winds will blow off the water in any colder situations.

Though no accumulations are expected in Montevideo, the snow accumulated over 30 centimeters(12 inches) in some of the more inland spots of Argentina over the weekend. This is expected to dry out for Monday in the mountains, leading to nice ski conditions.

Though Montevideo will warm up some for the middle of the week, temperatures will still average well below normal with a chance for some showers around through Wednesday.