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Heavy Thunderstorms Flood the Phoenix Area

Flash flooding quickly ensued in and around Phoenix, Ariz., on Sunday as drenching thunderstorms raced through.

The thunderstorms crossed the Phoenix area at midday Sunday, dropping 0.88 of an inch of rain at the city's Sky Harbor Airport in just 43 minutes.

The airport averages 1.05 inches of rain during the entire month of July.

A total of 1.65 inches of rain poured down in 30 minutes in nearby Scottsdale. The resultant flooding forced law enforcement to close numerous streets from McDonald Road north to Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.

Another downpour total included 1.97 inches of rain in only 30 minutes in Paradise Valley.

The Phoenix area will be subject to another heavy thunderstorm or two through Sunday night, which threatens to worsen the flooding situation.

Spottier showers and thunderstorms will follow for Monday with drier conditions expected for Tuesday and Wednesday.