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Earthquake in China Kills 3

On Monday morning, Beijing time, the USGS measured a 5.9 magnitude earthquake.

The epicenter was in central China's Gansu province, west of the city of Tianshui, where the Chinese government initially determined the quake as a 6.6 magnitude.

No injuries or deaths were reported immediately in the province that has a population of 26 million. But by mid-morning, 3 people were confirmed dead in a rural part of southern Dingxi by the Xinhau News Agency.

Additionally, a good amount of structural damage reported in the area. Brick and stone walls crumbled, glass on the side of a high rise shattered.

The epicenter of the earthquake lies in the Himalaya, an area where the India and Eurasia plates have been colliding and converging at a rate of 40-50 mm per year.

Following the first quake, there was a series of aftershocks, one of which registered at a 5.6.