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Cimaron to Bring Another Round of Flooding Rain to Taiwan

A week after Typhoon Soulik dumped over 30 cm (12 inches) of rain in northern Taiwan and southeastern China and buffeted the region with 110+ km/h winds (70+ mph), another tropical system (Cimaron) threatens to bring more torrential rain to the southern half of Taiwan before moving into China.

As of Wednesday evening, local time (Wednesday morning EDT), Tropical Storm Cimaron was packing winds of 65 km/h (40 mph) and was located 245 miles southeast of Hong Kong.

Although the storm is not expected to make landfall in southeastern China until Thursday evening local time (Thursday morning EDT), nasty weather will spread over much of Taiwan through Wednesday night and into the first part of Thursday.

Flooding is the main concern from Cimaron. The heaviest rain in Taiwan will fall through Thursday. The heavily populated west coast of Taiwan, including locations such as Xiaogang, Pingdong and Tainan City, can expect 75 to 150 mm (3 to 6 inches) of rain. Up to a foot can fall in the mountainous areas.

Urban flooding is expected due to a combination of the drenching rain and a good deal of pavement. In the mountains, debris flows and mudslides are possible.

Wind gusts in Taiwan should remain relatively weak, gusting to only 65 km/h (40 mph).

After lashing parts of Taiwan, Cimaron is expected to gain some strength and make landfall in southeastern China, around far eastern Guangdong Province and western Fujian Province later Thursday.

While the storm should remain below typhoon status, wind speeds of 65 to 115 km/h (40 to 70 mph) are likely in coastal areas around the city of Shantou, from Haimen Bay to Futou Bay.

Cimaron will weaken Friday as it moves over mainland China.