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Chicago Heat Wave Relief Comes at a Stormy Price

Pools are packed, AC is blasting and thermometers are ready to burst across Chicago as a severe heat wave weighs heavy on residents.

The good news is that there is relief in sight for the later half of the weekend, but this relief will come at quite a stormy price.

A potent cold front cutting its way through a thick air mass of sweltering heat and humidity will disturb the atmosphere enough to bubble up powerful afternoon thunderstorms Friday.

These storms will dive south and east across Chicago during the afternoon and evening, bringing dangerous weather to parts of the city.

Hail as large as quarters, ping-pong balls or even golf balls will be spotted in a few locations, and in others, winds can gust as high as 60 mph, uprooting trees, snapping branches and downing power wires.

Once the storms push through, cooler and much less stiflingly humid air will sweep into the region for Saturday, Sunday and the start of the upcoming workweek.