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Flood Risk Continues for Typhoon-Ravaged China, Rain-Weary Korea

Flooding is expected over much of typhoon-ravaged eastern China and rain-weary Korea over the next several days.

Typhoon Soulik's moisture will merge with a front over the Korean peninsula and produce heavy rain. The heaviest rain will fall on Monday and Tuesday for the Seoul area, but in North Korea the rain will continue.

Major flooding could be life-threatening. Seoul had over 8 inches of rain in one day last week so any additional rain may cause big problems.

Image courtesy of AP Images and features an image taken during Typhoon Tembin in August of 2012

A tropical disturbance east of Manila in the Philippines is currently being monitored for possible development. By Tuesday and Wednesday, this system will be located in the Luzon Strait and will bring enhanced rainfall to the island of Luzon in the Philippines and to the island of Taiwan.

While this system is not expected to become a major tropical feature, it needs to be watched because it has the potential to bring heavy rain to areas impacted by Typhoon Soulik last week.