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Hottest Day for London Since 2006

Saturday was not only the hottest day of the year in London and all of the United Kingdom, but also since July 2006. Relief from the heat will not come this week.

Temperatures on Saturday soared to 31.4 degrees C (89 degrees F) at London's Heathrow Airport.

While coming close in recent years, temperatures have not been that hot in London since July 26, 2006, when a high of 32.7 degrees C (91 degrees F) was recorded.

Saturday's high at Heathrow also earned the distinction as the hottest temperature reading throughout the United Kingdom so far this year.

No July 13, since 1992, has been as hot as Saturday was at Heathrow.

A high of 21.1 degrees C (70 degrees F) is more common in London during mid-July.

An end to the unseasonable warmth across England, including in London, will not coincide with the weekend, but will instead persist through this week.

Wednesday is shaping up to be the hottest day of the week, going forward, with temperatures challenging Saturday's sizzling high.