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Dedication for NY spot where bottle message was found after Sandy; note from teen who died

A Long Island town is honoring the spot where a bottle was found after Superstorm Sandy containing a message from a girl who died in 2010.

A plaque was placed on Saturday on a rock near the bridge at Patchogue Long Island Beach Club, where the bottle was discovered in December. It reads: "Be excellent to yourself, dude," the same message inside the bottle.

The line is a quote from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." The note was written a dozen years ago by 10-year-old Sidonie Fery and tossed into the ocean.

The girl died in an accident when she was 18. Her mother Mimi said Saturday she was amazed by the town's kindness. She says her daughter brought joy to everyone.

The plaque also has a photo of Sidonie.