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Photos: DC Area Flooded by Downpours

Heavy downpours have been drenching the East Coast, with flash flooding reported in multiple locations around the Washington, D.C., area. Dulles International Airport has recorded 4.49 inches of rain between midnight and 10 a.m. EDT on July 12. Rainfall amounts have been very localized, however, as the Reagan International Airport reported 1.33 inches of rainfall so far. To the east, Andrews Air Force Base had 3.36 inches of rain into Friday morning.

Unfortunately, the deluge is not yet ready to let up. The heaviest rain will be to the northeast of the city as storms continue into Friday night. Meteorologist Brian Thomas warns, "The heaviest downpours will produce over an inch of rain per hour, which can overwhelm storm drains. Some roads may even become impassible due to high water."

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