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Chantal to Add to Flood Risk From Atlanta to Charlotte

High humidity, a slow-moving storm system and moisture from Tropical Rainstorm Chantal will bring heavy rain back to areas that have already seen substantial flooding over the past month.

Rain that shifted to the east Friday is forecast to return. A large area of high pressure over the Atlantic will push weather systems from east to west starting this weekend. Chantal's moisture and heavy rain will be caught up in this weather pattern reversal Saturday into Sunday.

There is the potential for over an inch of rain to fall on places such as Charlotte, N.C., where 4.75 inches of rain has fallen thus far in July alone. In Atlanta for the year, 41.28 inches of rain has fallen as of July 11 which is almost 15 inches more than normal.

With local rivers and streams already running well above normal throughout the Southeast due to this very wet year, any heavy rain will only lead to more flooding, especially in low-lying areas as well as locations along these streams and rivers.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms will continue through at least Sunday, before high pressure looks to build back into the region bringing less rainy weather to the Southeast for Monday.

City Rainfall (June 1st-Jul 11th) Normal Rainfall % of Normal
Atlanta 13.54" 5.92" 229
Augusta, Ga. 16.40" 6.21" 264
Columbia, S.C. 9.85" 6.48" 152
Charlotte, N.C. 12.06" 4.92" 245
Raleigh, N.C. 11.35" 5.04" 225

Story by Meteorologist Rich J.