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Humidity, Downpours to Backtrack in East

High humidity and the risk of downpours will not be in such of a hurry to leave and stay away from the Northeast this weekend after all. meteorologists had concerns that computer models were blasting in dry air too much, too quickly over the region. It now appears these fears will be realized with a Bermuda High offshore flexing its muscle.

A few days of rain-free weather with lower humidity are in store for the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley.

That Bermuda High will shorten the spell of rain-free weather and low humidity over the central and northern Appalachians and may prevent it entirely along the Atlantic coast.

A few folks from Washington, D.C., to Boston may notice a drop in humidity levels Friday. The same dry air may briefly turn off the atmospheric faucet.

However, look for tropical rainforest conditions to return from east to west, from the coast to the Appalachians then part of the Midwest this weekend into next week.

Similar to what happened around the Independence Day week, fewer thunderstorms and less hot air may bulge in from the Bermuda high, but perhaps only to a lesser degree.

There is also the "Chantal Factor" to consider in parts of the East.

Moisture from that tropical rainstorm could prolong the wet weather and could enhance the threat of flooding downpours in portions of the South, mid-Atlantic, Appalachians and neighboring areas in the Midwest this weekend into next week.

And here you thought weather systems always move from west to east.