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Scorching Heat Builds Oklahoma City to Houston

Scorching heat will remain in place across much of the southern Plains and Texas through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

High pressure that originated in the West last week has allowed the heat to build and the sun to shine across the region. Areas in Kansas, including Wichita, and parts of Oklahoma have had consecutive days of above-average temperatures.

Wichita recorded a high of 107 degrees on Tuesday, which is 15 degrees above the normal high for the day. High temperatures have been at least 8 degrees above normal in the city since Monday.

This heat is forecast to slide southward into southern Oklahoma and Texas today through the end of the week.

Records will be tested in some locations. Oklahoma City will come close to its record high of 105 on Wednesday, which was set in 2011.

People in Dallas to Houston will see temperatures rise. Dallas will likely eclipse the 100-degree mark over the next couple of days while Houston will come close to triple-digit readings.

In addition to the heat, dry conditions are forecast to remain over much of the region as well. Other than a spotty shower or thunderstorm in Oklahoma and extreme northern Texas today and tomorrow, much of the area will remain rain-free into the weekend.

Temperatures are expected to cool slightly as the new week approaches with highs back down around normal.

Story written by Meteorologist Jordan Root