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Northeast, Ohio Valley Severe Weather Risk Wednesday

Areas from New England through the Ohio River Valley will be at risk for severe weather on Wednesday.

This is the same storm system that brought thunder, hail and gusty winds to the northern Plains and some of the Midwest on Tuesday.

As a cold front swings through the region on Wednesday, two very different air masses will collide. The drier air from the northern Plains will meet the steamy air coming from the Southeast into the mid-Atlantic.

The merge of dry air and very moist air will create favorable conditions for thunderstorms, some of which may be severe.

The main threats with these storms will be torrential downpours, damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 mph and even some hail.

Affected cities stretch from Cape Girardeau in Missouri, to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, but also as far north as Syracuse, Albany and Hartford.

By the evening hours, the storms will shift a little farther eastward, reaching New York City, and Philadelphia, even getting close to Washington, D.C.

Another area of the country could be having stronger storms on Wednesday. As storms come out of the Rockies, a corridor from eastern Wyoming to northwestern Kansas could have gusty winds and hail.

Later in the week, the front will slowly move off to the east.

This will bring a refreshing end to the oppressive humidity felt across much of the Northeast for the weekend. However, the muggy weather will likely still have a bit of a hold along the Atlantic Coast.