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China Landslide "Buries Up To 40"

In the town of Zhongxing in China, a landslide on Wednesday morning had more than 100 rescuers on the scene.

A local official said that there were 11 families known in the area of the landslide, in part of Dujiangyan city. Over 100 families nearby were evacuated from their homes as a precaution.

This is the same area of western China that was hit hard by the devastating earthquake in 2008.

The landslide was likely brought on by the excessive rain in this region of China in the past few days. Torrential downpours led to flooding in many areas across the city.

A total of 7.36 inches of rain has fallen since Monday night in the area.

Throughout Wednesday night, Dujiangyan is expected to have even more heavy rain. Thunderstorms with additional downpours are likely for Thursday and Friday.