AccuWeather LIVE: Manhattanhenge, Chantal Updates

On this week's edition of AccuWeather LIVE, we will be joined by's Dave Brody to discuss the upcoming Manhattanhenge. This interesting phenomenon occurs when the sun lines up with the city skyline of New York City and sets against the street grids. The event only happens four times a year, twice during the summer and twice during the winter. In the winter, conditions are typically too poor to see or photograph it well, so the summer solstice Manhattanhenge is a great opportunity for photographers.

We will also have Justin Povick doing a live forecast to talk about the latest with Tropical Storm Chantal's track.

Mark Mancuso will talk with Ken Clark about dust storms and haboobs. They will answer what these are, how they form and how to stay safe if one spins up near you.

As always, we will also be answering questions from our fans, so be sure to send us your questions on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.