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Soulik a Potential Typhoon Threat to China, Taiwan

Strengthening Typhoon Soulik, the latest named western Pacific tropical cyclone, will hold typhoon status for along at least part or all of its path before a late-week approach to the Asian mainland.

Taiwan and east-central China will be at risk of damaging winds and flooding rain Friday and Saturday.

As early as Thursday, local time, high winds and heavy rains could lash the Japanese island of Okinawa.

Tuesday morning, local time, Soulik became a Typhoon, with highest sustained winds estimated to be 75 mph, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center said. Movement was toward the west-northwest at about 12 mph.

Energy-rich surface waters, having temperatures of about 85 degrees along the likely path of the storm, will be highly favorable for intensification, as will the relative lack of wind shear. Wind shear happens will high-levels winds blow across the storm's direction of movement, interfering with its source of energy.

Nearest approach and possible landfall in northern Taiwan would happen on or about Friday, whereas mainland China south of Shanghai could feel the storm's wrath on Saturday.

Beyond Saturday, Soulik could either track inland over China, or veer northward to Korea. The latter track could lead to heavy rain on the Korean Peninsula Saturday and Sunday.