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Heavy Thunderstorms, Flooding Slams Toronto

A large, slow-moving thunderstorm Monday evening dumped 2 to 4 inches of rain on the Toronto area, causing widespread flooding, according to the weather agency, Environmental Canada. The city of Toronto is currently under a severe thunderstorm warning and storms are expected to continue over the next few hours.

The Toronto Pearson International airport observed 4.17 inches of rain and the Toronto City Airport reported 3.58 inches of rain this evening. Rainfall amounts are expected to continue to exceed 4 inches before the storms retreat and end later this evening.

"Additional heavy thunderstorms will move into the Greater Toronto area over the next few hours before precipitation tapers off later this evening," said AccuWeather Meteorologist, Brian Edwards. "Widespread flooding of urban and low lying areas is likely to continue as the ground is already saturated and additional rain will only lead to more problems."

Already the storms have left more than 300,000 residents in the Toronto area without power, according to Toronto Hydro, an electric company in the area. The Pearson International Airport has canceled 55 flights today so far and delayed 185. The Toronto Fire Services Communication Centre has received more than 20 calls regarding water problems in the last hour.

Some tips to stay safe during heavy flooding are to avoid traveling and stay inside until flooding subsides. "Traveling can become dangerous during flash flooding because you never know how deep the water can be," said Edwards.

Emergency Management Ontario also advises residents to "take cover immediately, if threatening water approaches."

Showers and heavy thunderstorms will continue through Monday evening before tapering off to a leftover shower or two later into early Tuesday morning.