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West Returns to Normal, Heat Builds in Plains

The extreme and record-breaking heat comes to an end in the West through the holiday weekend.

A dip in the jet stream brought temperatures back to normal along the West Coast for the weekend, including major cities like Seattle, Fresno and Las Vegas.

Instead of temperatures in the Southwest rising above 110 degrees, as they did in Las Vegas and Phoenix near Independence Day, temperatures will return to the average for this time of year in the low to mid-100s.

Temperatures have already began to ease in the Northwest and will continue through the weekend.

After the weekend, the jet stream will move northward allowing for warming temperatures in Boise, Seattle and Salt Lake City.

While these areas will be warmer for the start of the workweek, the extreme heat that started off the beginning of July is not expected.

For the Fourth of July weekend, heat will instead begin building in the center of the country. Temperatures will build in the Plains through the weekend, allowing for over 100 degrees by the start of the workweek.

While the 90s will make their way north into the Dakotas, a corridor of near 100 degrees will stretch from the Oklahoma-Texas border to southern Nebraska Monday and Tuesday.