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Storms, Heat to Close Out Weekend in Plains

Holiday festivities might be cut short this afternoon in the northern Plains as severe storms look to roll through the region to close out Independence Day weekend.

Those planning on spending their Sunday afternoon in the outdoors might find their plans cut short as thunderstorms develop from Montana to Nebraska. Additionally, heat building into the central Plains may pose a threat for people staying out in the sun for an extended period of time.

Thunderstorms will impact travelers across the northern Plains, with storms delaying flights and causing treacherous conditions on the roadways.

Blinding downpours can quickly reduce visibility to a few hundred feet, slowing traffic and bringing a heightened risk of hydroplaning.

As these storms develop and strengthen, they will be capable of producing frequent lightning, hail as large as golf balls and wind gusts strong enough to knock over trees and power lines.

Some of these severe storms will continue into the evening, primarily in western parts of the Dakotas.

If you are planning on spending the afternoon or evening in the outdoors, keep a watchful eye to the sky and know where to seek shelter if one of these storms develops near you.

Although these storms will not stretch across the entirety of the Plains, another danger is building in the Central states.

Temperatures climbing into the 100s will expand across Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and eastern Colorado under the blazing afternoon sunshine.

If you plan on playing a round of golf, going to a cook out, or spending any extended period of time in the sun, it is recommended that you use sun block and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Story by Meteorologist Brian Lada