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United Kingdom Heat Wave Into Next Week

Following warmer days on Thursday and Friday, the first heat wave of the summer will build across parts of the United Kingdom this weekend and into early next week.

Temperatures will climb into the 20s C (70s F) across Wales and much of England while temperatures range from 16-19 C (61-66) in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The hottest temperatures are expected in southeast England with highs of 25-26C (77-79 F).

There will be plenty of sunshine across southern England and Wales allowing anyone outdoors to bask in a warm summer afternoon.

A weak frontal boundary will lead to more clouds and even a shower or two across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

By Sunday, this front will be much weaker as it interacts with strong high pressure. The result will be just a few clouds across the region, but still sunny spells. Most areas will be dry, but there can be a few spotty showers across northern England and the higher terrain of Wales.

Temperatures on Sunday be in the 20s C (68-81F) for much of the United Kingdom. Coastal areas will likely remain the coolest with highs close to 20 C (68 F), while parts of southeast England, including London, can climb to 26 or 27 C (79-81F).

The final rounds of Wimbledon will take place this weekend forcing participants and spectators to deal with this unseasonable heat. The positive is that dry weather will accompany the heat, so no delays are expected.

This unseasonable warmth will persist through at least the first half of next week as high pressure continues to build overhead and prevent any storm systems from affecting the region.

Each day, Monday through Wednesday will feature above-normal temperatures and sunny spells.