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Flooding Concerns for South Korea

A stalled front and waves of low pressure moving southwest to northeast along it will cause heavy rain across South Korea over the next five days.

South Korea's largest city, Seoul, which is the second largest city in the world, will likely not see this heavy rain this weekend as it slides mainly off to their south. However, the area has already received heavy rain over the past few days and will likely see more heavy rain next week.

Provinces that will be affected will be Chollanam-Do, Kyongsangnam-Do, Kyongsanfbuk-Do and Collabuk-Do.

Cities that may be affected flooding are Mokpo, Yeosu, Changwon, Gwanhju and Busan. In this highly urbanized country, the main threat will be urban and street flooding. However, there are hills and mountains and we may see some river and stream flooding as well as mudslides possible, especially since many of these areas have experienced heavy rains recently.

Widespread daily rainfall of 1-3 inches with localized 3-6 inches will fall across many areas of the central and southern part of the peninsula.