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BREAKING: Cargo Ship Capsized in Rough Seas Near Thailand

The Bangkok Times has reported that a Bangladeshi cargo ship has capsized in the Andaman Sea. The Thai Navy reports that rescue missions are in progress to find 10 missing crew members after 18 were rescued. The missing were reportedly in a lifeboat that has drifted out to sea. The waves in the Andaman were 16 feet high at the time.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Mark Paquette stated that the rough waters were not caused by Typhoon Rumbia. It is currently monsoon season for the region, so rough seas are common.

"It's constantly stormy," Paquette said.

In the city of Takua Pa, Thailand, near where the ship capsized, 11.34 inches of rain was recently recorded as a result of the ongoing storms. The Thai navy reports it will send out more helicopters to search for the missing lifeboat.