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Warmth to Build for Wimbledon Finals

Instead of the prospect of rain delays, Wimbledon is set to end on an unseasonably warm and dry note.

A warming trend of temperatures will coincide with the last three days of Wimbledon. High temperatures will rise from 23 degrees C (74 degrees F) on Friday to 27 degrees C (81 degrees F) on Sunday.

Highs of 21 degrees C (70 degrees F) are more common this time of year.

The upcoming unseasonable warmth, however, will not challenge any temperature records. June 26, 1976, and its high of 34.6 degrees C (94 degrees F) holds the record for the hottest individual day at Wimbledon, according to the United Kingdom's Met Office.

As temperatures soar Friday through the weekend, dry weather and skies no worse than partly sunny will prevail.

Prior to the warming trend, a more typical early July day is in store for Thursday. Clouds will mix with sunshine as temperatures rise to 22 degrees C (72 degrees F). Spotty and brief showers will dot western England this day but are not expected to reach London or Wimbledon.