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State College: Not Just Fireworks Lighting Up the Evening Sky

While the highest risk area of showers and thunderstorms has moved west, a rogue, drenching storm could roll off the ridges on Thursday, putting a brief damper on central Pennsylvania's Independence Day celebrations.

The good news is that the greatest threat of a shower or thunderstorm will be reserved to the afternoon and evening hours. This means that central Pennsylvania's 4th Fest 9:30 a.m. Firecracker 4K Race should begin without a hitch.

State College runners should be aware of the expected heat and humidity. The temperature is forecast to rise to near 80 by noon. Factoring in the humidity, RealFeel® Temperatures are expected to steam into the middle 80s.

Runners and visitors to the 2:00 p.m. Parade of Heroes will notice a sunnier sky than recent days and are recommended to have extra water on hand.

As RealFeel® Temperatures surge toward 90, thunderstorms will blossom over a few communities. Odds favor showers or thunderstorms that do develop would be out of the area by the 9:15 p.m. fireworks launch time.

The fireworks display over State College and the Pennsylvania State University has been rated as the third largest in the United States, according to

A potential problem for viewing would be low clouds or fog, if a downpour happened to occur earlier in the evening.

For those heading to a ballgame this weekend, expect typical July heat and humidity with the chance for a shower or thunderstorm.

For folks watching evening fireworks elsewhere in central Pennsylvania, similar weather conditions are forecast from Altoona to DuBois, eastward to Harrisburg and Williamsport.

While distant fireworks displays will light up the evening sky, storms 100 miles away can cause flashes as well. This phenomenon is mistakenly called "heat lightning."

Storyby meteorologists Ben Noll and Alyson Hoegg.