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Mid-Atlantic to Bask in Sunshine for July Fourth Weekend

After days of rain up and down the East, the Mid-Atlantic coast will catch a break on the weekend of July Fourth, creating a prime opportunity for beach-goers, boaters and sun bathers.

Meanwhile, the rain-soaked South and Midwest and will feel little reprieve.

Sunshine will build westward along part of the Atlantic Coast into the weekend, so that the risk of flooding downpours and gusty thunderstorms diminishes from eastern North Carolina to southeastern New England.

Cities from Raleigh, N.C., to Richmond, Va., Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Conn., and Boston will experience hazy, hot and humid conditions, courtesy of a Bermuda high building in from the Atlantic.

Aside from high humidity, the new pattern on much of the East Coast will be more favorable for beach, swimming, boating and most outdoor activities. Travel conditions will improve with fewer delays likely at the airports.

Arguably the best areas this weekend will be over portions of the Plains, where temperatures will be within the comfort zone for most people and many areas will be rain-free.

The worst weather in terms of outdoor activities will stretch from much of Florida to western Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, southeastern Louisiana, middle and eastern Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, southeastern Indiana, western Pennsylvania, southeastern Michigan, part of upstate New York and northern New England.

Camping, fishing trips, barbeques and a day at the amusement park could be spoiled by the rain.

Cities that can experience torrential downpours and urban flooding issues include Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Jackson, Miss., Nashville, Louisville, Ky., Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Charleston, W.Va., Detroit, Buffalo and Burlington, Vt.

Interests in these areas can experience multiple rounds of downpours with locally gusty thunderstorms. There is a risk of flash, urban and small stream flooding. Expect travel delays on the highways and at airports in the region.