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Tropical Storm Dalila Impacting Mexico

Despite steering away from land, Tropical Storm Dalila is still posing dangers to residents along the Mexican coastline.

Tropical Storm Dalila, which took shape on Sunday, will continue to curve away from Mexico through Tuesday. While being spared of the storm's worst impacts, the coastline will not go unscathed.

While currently a tropical storm, Dalila is forecast by the Hurricane Center to reach minimal hurricane strength on Tuesday.

The good news for those along the Mexican coast is that Dalila is very compact, keeping its damaging tropical storm-force winds (winds equal to or greater than 39 mph) offshore.

The same cannot be said for Dalila's flooding rain danger.

Drenching rain and thunderstorms along the outer edge of Dalila will continue to stream across the coastline, in the vicinity of Manzanillo, through Monday night.

Rainfall totals will average between 2 and 4 inches with locally higher amounts. Flash flooding and mudslides are a significant concern.

Residents and vacationers along this section of Mexico's coast will also encounter rough surf. Tides are expected to run 1 to 3 feet above posted levels through early Tuesday.

Dalila's time as a hurricane, however, will be short-lived as the storm reaches cooler water on Wednesday and a gradual weakening trend quickly commences.