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Dallas, San Antonio Lows Challenged After Breaking Record High

Just days after San Antonio reached the hottest temperature ever recorded in June, 108 degrees, parts of Texas will face record-challenging lows to start the month of July. Though the mercury hit 108 on June 29 for San Antonio, July 1 through 6 will likely bring overnight lows in the mid-60s, which could break daily records for the city. Low temperatures expected for Dallas may also replace decades-old records.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Mark Paquette said that dry air circling into the state from the East is bringing the heat relief to the area. In particular, it is abnormal dew points in the low 50s that will keep temperatures lower.

"It's highly unusual to see these dew points here this time of year," Paquette said.

This flow over the area will produce clear skies and light winds as the temperatures tease the records. Daytime highs for these areas will be close to normal, likely staying in the upper 80s to mid-90s, but will drop considerably when the sun goes down.

If it reaches 64 in Dallas on Monday night, as is expected, it would break a record set in 1943. Tuesday is also forecast for a low of 64. San Antonio is forecast to see 67 degrees Monday but 63 on Tuesday night. San Antonio has not seen a low temperature in the 60s since June 8.