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Tropical Storm Dalila Threatens Mexico

While the Atlantic Basin continues to remain quiet, the Eastern Pacific refuses to remain inactive, producing a tropical storm that will hassle the Mexican Coast the next couple of days.

The storm, named "Dalila", is currently heading straight for the Mexican coastline. Luckily for the residents of southwestern Mexico, the storm is expected to make an abrupt turn, sparing most of the Mexican coastline from significant impacts.

While Dalila is producing 40 mph sustained winds over the open Pacific right now, the storm is very compact, and tropical storm-force winds are not likely to extend far from the storm's center.

Dalila will likely be slowly intensifying over the next 24 to 48 hours, and is currently expected to peak as a strong tropical storm. However, if Dalila over performs, it may reach hurricane status.

Despite making a significant turn to a path nearly parallel to the Mexican coast, the system should make slowly close in on the coast between now and Monday night, when it will likely be the closest to coast.

Those between Acapulco and Manzanillo are the most likely to see significant impacts from the storm.

For those most strongly impacted by the system, the likely impacts will be enhanced showers and thunderstorms, along with rough surf and the possibility of tropical storm force gusts.

On Monday night, the storm should continue to recurve and move away from the Mexican coast, and eventually out to sea.