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Heat Breaks Records in West, More to Come

A historical heat wave is in full swing across the West with temperatures having already broken records over the past few days.

The heat began to turn up on Friday as temperatures climbed into the 100s as far north as Oregon and Idaho. This allowed record highs to be broken from Washington to New Mexico with the worst of the heat focused in the interior Southwest.

This heat continued to swell on Saturday with another round of record-challenging heat across the region.

With a strong high over the West, temperatures well above normal will persist throughout the second half of the weekend and into the beginning of next week.

Not only will daily records continue to be challenged during this heat wave, but some spots might make a run towards breaking their all-time record highs.

One spot that will be watched closely is Death Valley, Calif., where temperatures will approach the all-time world record.

A few cities that will come close to either tying or breaking their all-time high temperature through Tuesday include Fresno, Calif., Palm Springs, Calif., Las Vegas, Nev. and Flagstaff, Ariz.

High Saturday
Old Record
All-Time High
Phoenix, Ariz. 119 117 122
Needles, Calif. 123 121 125
Palm Springs, Calif. 122 121 125
Reno, Nev. 102 100 108
Elko, Nev. 102 100 107
Salt Lake City, Utah 105 104 107

Story by Meteorologist Brian Lada, and photo courtesy of