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Wet Weekend for the East Coast

Wet weather will be here to stay for the weekend along the East Coast with the continued threat for flash flooding and gusty thunderstorms.

The humid, moist flow that set up across the East last week will persist through the weekend, providing fuel for more showers and heavy thunderstorms from Maine through Florida.

Showers and thunderstorms will extend back into parts of the Midwest and Tennessee Valley; however, they will not be as heavy as those along the coast. Although not as strong, these storms can still pack a punch, extending the risk of flash flooding into these areas.

Last week, storms across the East produced widespread flooding and wind damage with the worst flooding occurring on Thursday.

Similar conditions are to be expected through the weekend with the weather pattern not expected to vary much over the next few days.

The area most prone to flooding this weekend will be from the Delmarva Peninsula through the Florida Panhandle.

Even though this area is at greatest risk, other locations in the East may still have flash flooding due to the overabundance of rainfall that the region has had in the month of June.

In addition to the flooding threat, a few storms may produce gusty winds that can knock over trees and power lines. This can make flooding worse with trees and debris diverting flood waters; causing headaches for travelers and cleanup crews.

Due to the substantial rainfall in recent weeks, it will not take much rainfall to cause flash flooding. With the ground saturated with water, just an inch of water in less than a three-hour period of time can lead to flash flooding.

This pattern has already yielded the wettest June on record for Philadelphia, Pa., with other cities within the grasp of doing the same before the end of the month.

Drenching thunderstorms will continue across the East for the first part of next week as the weather pattern continues to usher moist, humid air into the region.

Story by Meteorologist Brian Lada.